Deep Processing Of Pingtairong Products
The subsidiary of the group, Zhejiang Rongzhou Marine Industry Co., Ltd., has become a well-equipped ultra-low temperature tuna deep processing base in the same industry. All kinds of facilities are built according to international commodity inspection standards such as the European Union, the US FDA, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. It is a key link in the group's tuna industry chain, significantly enhancing the group's competitiveness in the same industry.
  • 200People
    Employees Under
  • 3000Tons
    Low temperature
    cold storage
  • 4000Tons
    Ultra low temperature
    cold storage
  • 20000Tons
    Cold storage capacity
    of tuna and other
    fish products
  • 10000Tons
    International quality
    tuna processing capacity
Product Introduction
Pingtairong Trade
The group is gradually forming an international marketing network of tuna products that radiates around the world. At present, fish loans are mainly sold to markets such as Chinese Mainland, Japan, Thailand and Fiji, with an annual sales of 10000 tons of fish products. With the advent of the company's tuna intensive processing products, Ping Tairong will vigorously develop markets such as the European Union and the United States while expanding the market in Chinese Mainland, and strive to achieve the goal of 20000 tons of annual sales of products
Marine Technology and Fishery Technology
  • Marine Technology
    By introducing high-end product technology in the industry, we focus on developing tuna products: tuna skin collagen oligopeptide powder (selenium rich), tuna skin collagen peptide powder (selenium rich), aquatic oligopeptide powder, aquatic protein peptide powder, tuna paste, tuna essence, marine fish bone collagen oligopeptide powder, marine fish skin collagen oligopeptide powder, etc
  • Fishery Technology
    In cooperation with Shanghai Ocean University, it jointly undertook the "New Albacore Fishing Ground Exploration Project in the Southeast Pacific Ocean" of the Ministry of Agriculture. The first phase of the project formed a systematic theory of fishing ground elements such as sea state factors, fish biological characteristics, and fishing season change rules of Albacore fishing ground in the high seas of the Southeast Pacific Ocean through the investigation of 40 stations