Pingtairong Ocean Fisheries Group
Pingtairong Ocean Fisheries Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a total registered capital of 560 million yuan and more than 1500 employees. It is a comprehensive group enterprise that integrates ocean fishing, transportation, processing, storage, sales, container cold chain logistics, import and export of goods, ship repair, biotechnology research and application, catering services, vocational training, and petrochemical industry. It is also a vice president unit of China Ocean Fisheries Association, Chairman unit of Zhejiang Ocean Fisheries Association
The group was awarded the title of "Leading Agricultural Enterprise in Zhejiang Province" in 2013, and was authorized by the China Ocean Fisheries Association to use the "Pure Natural Ocean Fishing Products" logo in the same year; In 2015, it won the honorary title of "Zhoushan Archipelago New Area model worker Collective" and was approved to establish China Southern Tuna Trading Center; In 2016, it was awarded the title of exemplary organization of Zhoushan Ocean Fisheries Enterprise Assessment; In 2017, it was awarded the Advanced Collective of Zhoushan Fishery Development; In 2018, awarded the title of Zhejiang Agricultural Enterprise Science and Technology Research and Development Center; In 2019, it won the Zhoushan Whole Industry Chain Contribution Award; In 2020, it was rated as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province; In 2021, it won the first batch of "Blue Ocean Sakigake" in Zhoushan City; In 2022, it was approved to establish the "China Ocean Fishing Vessel Repair and Construction Center".
  • 47Ship
    Tuna Long Liner
  • 3Ship
    6000 ton ocean going
    Ultra-low temperature transport vessel
  • 2W Tons
    Annual Fish Catch
  • 3.5W Tons
    Transportation Volume
The group has a large-scale specialized ocean going fleet with international first-class standards, currently operating a total of 47 tuna longline fishing vessels and 3 6000 ton ocean going ultra-low temperature transport vessels (with storage temperatures reaching -60 ℃). According to statistics, Pingtairong Ocean Fisheries Group has an annual fishing volume of nearly 20000 tons and a transportation volume of nearly 35000 tons, firmly ranking among the top in the national segmented market. The group has multiple subsidiaries.
Zhejiang Rongzhou Marine Industry Co., Ltd. was established in July 2012 and is the group's deep-sea fishery (tuna) processing base. We currently have facilities such as a 3000 ton low-temperature cold storage, a 4000 ton ultra-low-temperature cold storage, and a modern product processing workshop. All types of facilities are built in accordance with international food safety regulations such as the European Union, the US FDA, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia. We have the ability to process 10000 tons of international quality tuna products annually and refrigerate around 20000 tons of tuna and other fish products annually, It is a key link in the group's tuna industry chain, significantly enhancing the group's competitiveness in the same industry.
Zhejiang Pingtairong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. takes innovation as its responsibility, integrating the research and development, production, and marketing of biological protein peptides, and is committed to providing first-class functional animal and plant peptides and marine biological products for domestic and foreign enterprises. At present, it has become one of the professional peptide manufacturers in China, with a total investment of over 100 million yuan and a total annual production capacity of 1500 tons. The company has established a GMP clean workshop and has passed the dual certifications of ISO22000 food safety management system and HACCP system. At the same time, it has obtained a food production license and a record keeping certificate for export food production enterprises, with complete certification standards.
Zhejiang Rongchang Haigong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 and is located in Daishan County, Zhoushan City. It covers an area of over 450 acres and has a coastline of 480 meters. Since its establishment, the company has continuously strengthened its investment in equipment and facilities, which can meet the needs of ship repair and construction. It has an annual production capacity of 150000 deadweight tons of shipbuilding. The main business of ship repair and construction includes: engineering ships, deep-sea fishing ships, offshore fishing ships, official ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, other ships, and marine facilities. On July 5, 2021, it was approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Agriculture to become a designated dismantling point for fishing boats in Daishan County. Adhering to the business philosophy of "building, repairing, and dismantling simultaneously, exploring and innovating; green environmental protection, and sustainable development", the company will provide solid support for promoting the group's leapfrog development.
Zhoushan Pingtairong Catering Service Co., Ltd. was established in October 2016. In August 2017, it established the group's first high-end tuna dining experience store, "Pingtairong Tuna Creative Cuisine", in Donggang, Zhoushan. Since 2020, the group has successively opened multiple catering experience stores in Zhoushan Putuo, Zhoushan Lincheng, Sichuan Dazhou, and Hangzhou. It has gradually formed a catering chain model nationwide, directly targeting the end consumer market, and has taken a new path to further expand the diversified operation of the group's tuna products.
Zhoushan Pingtairong Crew Management Co., Ltd. was registered and established in June 2019. In June 2020, it passed the expert review organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Fishery Port Supervision Bureau and completed the acceptance of the training project; In July 2020, it was recognized as a designated vocational training institution by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Putuo District, Zhoushan City. At present, the company has a crew training center that meets the relevant regulations and requirements for ocean level 1 and below, offshore level 1 and below driving, marine and fishery position crew training, electrical engineer training, and general fishery crew training. The group is determined to take this opportunity and is organizing the establishment of a marine vocational school to provide fishing talents with professional skills for ocean going enterprises across the country.
Rongsheng (Zhoushan) Petrochemical Co., Ltd., established in April 2020, is conducive to further improving the supply capacity of fishery Means of production and boosting the construction of "international oil storage and transportation base" in China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone by continuously improving oil storage and transportation infrastructure.
In order to actively respond to the national call to accelerate the development of deep-sea fisheries strategy, the company will further expand the agglomeration effect of deep-sea fisheries, strengthen the construction of ultra-low temperature tuna industry bases, and strive to create a comprehensive deep-sea fisheries listed enterprise, improve the production capacity aggregation scale and comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise in the tuna industry, create a new model of the domestic tuna industry, and make unremitting efforts to promote high-quality development of deep-sea fisheries.
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Pingtairong Ocean Fisheries Group
The group currently operates a total of 47 tuna longline fishing vessels and 3 6000 ton deep-sea ultra-low temperature transport vessels (with storage temperatures reaching -60 ℃). The annual fishing volume of fish cargo is nearly 25000 tons, and the transportation volume is nearly 35000 tons, firmly ranking among the top in the national segmented market.
The group has 14 subsidiaries: Zhejiang Rongzhou Marine Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Pingtairong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Rongchang Marine Industry Group Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Pingtairong Crew Management Co., Ltd., Rongyao Supply Chain Management (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd., Rongsheng (Zhoushan) Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Rongheng Ocean Fisheries Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Rongyourong Ocean Fisheries Co., Ltd Shanghai Pingtairong Biotechnology Research and Development Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Pingtairong Catering Service Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Pingtairong Catering Management Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Rongfu Ocean Fisheries Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Pingtairong New Media Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhoushan Pingtairong Tourism Management Co., Ltd.