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Pingtairong Ocean Fisheries
Pingtairong Ocean Fisheries Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, with a total registered capital of 560 million yuan and over 1500 employees, It is a company that integrates ocean fishing, transportation, processing, storage, sales, container cold chain logistics, import and export of goods, petrochemical industry Zhoushan is a comprehensive group enterprise integrating biotechnology R&D, catering services, vocational training and ship building Vice President Unit of Ocean Fisheries Association and President Unit of Tuna Branch.
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The company's trade union was established in February 2012. Over the years, under the correct leadership of the higher-level trade union and the group party committee, combined with its own characteristics, it has continuously explored effective ways to organize the work of non-public economic trade unions, and formed a dynamic and efficient mechanism for organizing the work of non-public economic trade unions that is in line with the characteristics of the times. By carrying out various activities to improve the overall quality of employees, establishing a feedback channel for crew opinions at sea to protect the rights and interests of crew members, establishing a labor mediation committee, actively coordinating labor relations, and effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees, the working class has fully played the main role in promoting the construction of a harmonious enterprise.
The General Party Branch of the Group was established in March 2012 and was upgraded to the Party Committee in 2021. At present, there are 5 branches: government agency branch, fleet branch, Rongzhou branch, biological company branch, and Rongchang branch. There are a total of 60 party members, with comprehensive organizational coverage. The majority of department leaders are party members. Under the leadership of higher-level party organizations, the group party committee adheres to the goal of "creating first-class performance and building first-class enterprises", and has decision-making, execution, and discourse power in the development and construction process of the enterprise. It fully plays the core role of the party committee in organization, the role of a fortress in battle, and the exemplary role of party members, truly realizing the party's leadership over enterprise management.
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    Tuohaiyang and Fishery Building
    No. 9, Donghai West Road, Putuo District, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province 10th-11th floor of Tuohaiyang and Fishery Building
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